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Sandra Venables
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"Using Nature to Promote Self Healing" & "Creating Income To Follow Your Dreams"
Recipes 600 Calories

Dieting can seem like a scary thing to do, especially if you've never undertaken the task before.

I'm looking at removing the word diet from our vocabulary.  What you are looking at doing, especially if you wish to avoid the round of yo-yo dieting that typically happens to the majority, is changing your lifestyle.

In order to change a lifestyle, new recipes are required, ones that will excite you and be tasty and beautiful to prepare and share.

This area is a place where I will be adding meals that will be a total of 600 calories or less.  This will fit in with most changes to lifestyle that will result in healthy eating, fun eating and beneficial eating.


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8 Oct 2014    Couscous Salad

Couscous Salad


"Using Nature to Promote Self Healing"

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