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Sandra Venables
Business Coach, Classical Homeopath & Clinical Aromatherapist
"Using Nature to Promote Self Healing" & "Creating Income To Follow Your Dreams"
"Using nature to promote self-healing"
Classical Homœopath & Clinical Aromatherapist

Welcome to my inner sanctuary,

This sanctuary is where you can begin to leave behind your physical symptoms and emotional cares and begin your journey into health and well being.

I utilise nature in order to promote your own body in its process of self healing.  Nature is all around us and very much under utilised in differing therapies available to us today.  I utilise homœopathic medicines that are sourced from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, as well as aromatic substances and herbs from the plant kingdom.

By utilising these substances from such a variety of sources, I am more able to obtain a substance that closely resembles you, the individual.  By matching the individuality of the substance to your very own individuality, your body is much more likely to respond in a like manner and begin the healing process.

The clinic is currently closed, however, I am still offering online courses. You can find out more by checking out my education centre, click here

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"Using Nature to Promote Self Healing"

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